Thin Film Coating

Among optical components such as lenses and mirrors, highly functional ones are manufactured by depositing functional films such as anti-reflection coatings or optical filters on base materials using PVD processes such as evaporation or sputtering.


The PVD process is also used in decorative applications to give an attractive appearance to goods containers, smartphone chassis, or car interior parts. Turbo Molecular Pumps and Oil Diffusion Pumps are used for evaporation or sputtering.


High pumping speeds are essential to maintain the high vacuum required. Our lineup of Turbo Molecular Pumps, with pumping speeds up to 4200 L/s, can meet the demand for large pumping speeds. The pumps can be mounted in any orientation to achieve the maximum effective pumping speed.


In a batch system, the startup and shutdown times of the pumps also affect the system's cycle time. Our Turbo Molecular Pumps, both ball bearing and magnetic bearing types can support the rapid shutdown, helping shorter cycle time.