High-performance architectural glass has a Low-E coating. Since they are deposited by sputtering, the process uses turbo molecular pumps with high pumping speed and high throughput for heavy Ar gas. Our TGkine®-B series, TGkine®-R series, and TG-M series magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps and TG-F series grease-lubricated ball-bearing type turbo molecular pumps are suitable for these applications.


The production of CFRP parts, which the car industry starts using as one of the component materials, also utilizes a vacuum. We have a lineup of single-stage, direct-drive oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps VSV series, suitable for repetitive pump down from atmospheric pressure.


Carbon nanomaterials, for which various applications are being studied, are produced by CVD in a vacuum. We have a lineup of multi-stage Roots-type dry vacuum pumps ER series, which are compact, generate a clean vacuum, and pump corrosive gases.

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