Company Profile

Environmental Policy

1. Philosophy

At Osaka Vacuum, our philosophy is for every employee, from top management officials to each individual employee to associate business with environmental preservation, as well as preserving and protecting nature and our living environment. This will allow people to live comfortably now and in the future. To that end, we shall conduct environmental preservation activities for the purpose of reducing environmental loads such as waste matter and pollutants, and using fewer fossil fuels and natural resources while abiding by environmental laws, codes, and other regulatory requirements. Our commitment is to maintain steady growth and fulfill our responsibilities for both business and society.

JQA-EM5143 / JAB CM009

2. Basic Policy

Our environmental policy calls for everyone to continually do their share of environmental preservation activities by constantly recognizing the impact of our business activities on the environment for each function of our organization: development, purchasing, production, sales, control, distribution, and after-sales service.

  • 1. In order to involve each and every business function mentioned above, we have established the following basic policies for conducting ongoing environmental activities:
    1) Reduce Waste Matter
    We shall reduce waste matter by adhering to the ideals in the Act for Establishing a Recycling-Oriented Society.
    2) Prevent Abundance
    We will do our part to minimize dormant inventory of natural resources and materials, pre-assemblies, products, and spare parts that contribute to resource deterioration.
    3) Implement Green Purchasing Program
    We will reduce contaminants and harmful substances by purchasing environmentally-friendly parts, materials, and consumables.
    4) Conserve Energy
    We will reduce emissions of CO2 and other harmful byproducts by reducing energy consumption.
    5) Develop Environmentally-friendly Products
    We will develop products that use fewer resources, less energy, and materials with less impact on the environment.
  • 2. We will promote environmental preservation activities by identifying and complying with external requirements such as environmental laws and codes, regulatory directives, and industry standards.
  • 3. We will establish environmental objectives and targets, subject to periodic review, for the entire organization and for each function that comprises our business. We will maintain an organization that encompasses and encourages management and every single employee to play an ongoing role in our environmental preservation activities.
  • 4. We will conduct internal environmental audits and maintain the quality of our environmental preservation activities to keep our efforts from being self-satisfying routine exercises.
  • 5. We will document our environmental policy and preservation activities, and communicate this to management and employees to raise the level of awareness through environmental education and internal PR activities.
  • 6. We will use our website and other media to inform the public, including the communities around our business locations, and customers, vendors, and industry organizations about our environmental preservation activities.