ST Series (TG-F series + Rotary Vane Pump)

  • ST Series (TG-F series + Rotary Vane Pump)

■High vacuum exhaust unit.

■Exhaust up to high vacuum with a simple operation.

■Since it has casters, it can be easily moved to the desired place for use.

■Mounted with a turbo molecular pump from the TG-F series which is resistant to disturbance!
 This unit is portable while it is operating.

■Optional devices and apparatuses are available to match your needs.


Model ST050F*050 ST220F*050 ST350F*050
Turbo Molecular Pump TG50F TG220F TG350F
Volume flow rate
(N2; L/s)
51(49)※1 220(210)※1 350(330)※1
 (Pa)  <3×10-6 <1×10-6
 (Torr)  <2.3×10-8 <7.5×10-9
Inlet flange VG65/ISO-R63/CF63 VG100/ISO-R100/CF100
Backing pump Oil-sealed rotary vane pump
50/60 L/min (50/60Hz)
Cooling system Air cooling
Power supply Single phase, AC100V
Standard equipment
  • TMP
  • TMP Controller
  • ST Controller
  • Oil-sealed rotary vane pump
  • Automatic slow leak valve
  • Vacuum valve
  • Oil mist trap
  • Aluminum trestle

*1 : Figures in parenthesis represent exhaust rate with protective steel mesh.
In addition to our standard specifications, we can also manufacture exhaust units designed to customer requirements. (For details, contact our sales representative)

Drawing of outside dimensions

Drawing of outside dimensions

Model A B C
ST050FV050 VG65 486 155
ST050FR050 ISO-R63 507 155
ST050FC050 CF63 521 155
ST220FV050 VG100 539 175
ST220FR050 ISO-R100 539 175
ST220FC050 CF100 559 175
ST350FV050 VG100 569 175
ST350FR050 ISO-R100 553 175
ST350FC050 CF100 569 175

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