• RD600

● Strong rotary shaft.
 → Enables start-up and continuous operation in low vacuum.
● Optimal motor capacity can be selected to fit the specific load.
 → Less equipment cost, less operation cost.
● Wide range of pump speed lineup.
 → 90~12,000m3/h
● Work with various backing pumps.
 →Roots+oil-sealed rotary, liquid-ring


● Semiconductor, Electronics Industry
● Nuclear Energy Development Research
● Science & Engineering
● Automobile, Machinery, Aircraft Industry
● Heavy Electrical Equipment
● Optical Industry
● Steel, metal industry
● Chemistry, Pharmaceutical industry
● Food Industry
● Metalworking Industry
● Energy connection


Inlet flange 100A
Nominal volume flow rate ※1 (m3/h) 50Hz  500
60Hz  600
Allowable pressure difference (kPa)
[When using a standard motor]
50Hz  9.3
60Hz  8

Base pressure (Pa)

Back pump
single-stage RP
Back pump
2-stage RP
Volume flow rate of standard backing pump (m3/h) 90~220
Rotation speed (r/min) 50Hz 1500
60Hz 1800
Standard motor output (kW) 2.2
Oil capacity (L) 2.7
Cooling water consumption ※2 (m3/h) 0.4
Weight (kg) With totally enclosed
fan cooling motor
Without motor 220

*1 : The effective volume flow rate varies according to the backing pump. For details, contact our sales representative.
*2 : Maximum cooling water temperature should be 30℃.
      -Allowable ambient temperature: 10 to 40℃ during operation, -5 to +60℃ in storage.
      -Drain water before storing to prevent freezing over.

Drawing of outside dimensions

Drawing of outside dimensions