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A person who has a dream is very happy. A dream is different with each condition, which itself indicates time, place, surroundings, personalities and organizations. A business consists of a lot of people who have countless dreams of various types. Therefore I consider that these countless dreams exist together with the number of businesses, which relate to people and organizations. Examples of these dreams are: look for a dream, have a dream, challenge to achieve a business in which a dream exists, apply a dream to a business and realize a dream through a business. I believe that a company is the place where people who have the same dream gather and the dream comes true by bringing together each vector. I named this vector "Definition of a business" for our future business. I hope to realize these dreams through our vacuum business.

代表取締役 笠岡一之

Definition of our business


Supplying vacuum systems that satisfy our customers' advanced needs in various areas, such as production processes, analysis, and R&D with the use of our vacuum pumps and peripheral technology and skills - this is what Osaka Vacuum, Ltd. does. In order to meet such advanced requirements, we not only develop new technology, but also make active use of existing technology to maintain efficient and stable operation of equipment and to increase facility utilization as well. For us to provide customers with reliable products that offer long lasting satisfaction and peace of mind, we make it an absolute rule to deliver products and services that give the utmost consideration to safety, economy, ease of use, and environmental friendliness. As a specialist manufacturer of vacuum pumps, we will maintain and develop our current business model. By satisfying customers' requirements for vacuum technology with solutions that only a specialist maker can offer, we expect to continue meeting any future challenges.

Business Mission

Osaka Vacuum is proud to have inherited the "DNA" of the people of Osaka, a time-honored city of respected businesspeople. Such businesspeople know no national boundaries, and they simply go wherever they need to be. For them, customers are invaluable assets. To gain the trust of the public, good businesspeople are never deceitful. They act ethically and always tackle their work both positively and persistently. They never fail to choose the most rational action in consideration of economic efficiency and social codes. They deliver the products and services that their customers require within a reasonable timeframe and at fair prices. They never feel that a job is done until they see the customer's happy face. We at Osaka Vacuum believe that fair profit for a job well done is a divine reward for businesspeople. Economic freedom allows businesspeople to act even more ethically. Nothing gives greater happiness to the people of Osaka than to be greeted by everyone with smiles for having done the very best for their business, and to see such recognition interpreted into monetary value. We hope to hand down this Osakan value to future generations as well. We also hope to see the DNA of Osaka businesspeople spread cheer and a free, peaceful, and comfortable lifestyle for the 21st century and beyond. It is our sincere wish to do what little we can to play a part in the great mission of passing on this heritage.


structures into mechanical kinetic, capture, and vapor jet types. Osaka Vacuum has focused on mechanical kinetic vacuum pumps, which have the widest applications. Vacuum pumps perform a very simple job: exhausting gas. However, it is necessary to change the exhaust method depending on such parameters as the components of the gas, ultimate pressure, discharge pressure, compression ratio (pressure difference), throughput, pumping speed, and temperature. Pumping technology has five "natural enemies," by-products resulting from condensation, corrosion, contamination by foreign particles, temperature rise, and residual gas. With the four basic technologies of "ultrahigh vacuum," "high-speed rotation," "fluid mechanics," and "active magnetic control," we offer distinguished product lines that eliminate these "natural enemies," including our strong product lines: turbo pumps for ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) applications and medium / large roots vacuum pumps and rotary pumps, as well as dry pumps for low and medium vacuum applications. We also design units in accordance with customers' specifications, such as vacuum pumping systems that combine these diverse vacuum pumps, in addition to thin film coating equipment and vacuum test equipment for various reactions that use technology gained from vacuum pump production. The greatest feature of our vacuum business is that, based on the technology of turbo pumps and other varieties of vacuum pumps, it also covers vacuum-applied technology.