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News ReleaseNew Product Release Announcement / Direct Drive Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pump VRD series

Osaka Vacuum launches a new direct drive oil sealed dual stage rotary vane pump “VRD series”. Though the internal use at our factory, the performance and reliability of these pumps had been totally confirmed. And we can offer these pumps at a competitive price.

1. New Product

Direct Drive Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pump VRD series:
VRD-4, VRD-8, VRD-16, VRD-24, VRD-30, VRD-48, VRD-65


2. New Features

■ Two-Shift adjustable gas ballst valve
■ Forced oil circulation ststem
■ Dual automatic anti-sucking back design
■ Integrated cylinder structure and pin connection

3. Application of the release

From December, 2018.


Poduct Details ➤ VRD Series


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