Events[Virtual Event] SEMICON Japan 2020 on December 14th – 17th

The virtual exhibition has successfully finished on January 15th, 2021. Thank you for visiting to our virtual booth at SEMICON Japan 2020.


OSAKA VACUUM highlights its vacuum solutions at SEMICON Japan Virtual 2020.


Osaka Vacuum, a “professional manufacturer of vacuum pump”, always offer the most suitable “products for vacuum application” to customers by its 70 years experiences with abundant achievements in vacuum technology.


Our products widely be used on various applications in semiconductor manufacturing, such as coating, etching, exposure, ion implantation, packaging, inspection, etc. to successfully create vacuum environment upon the required conditions. In this show, we are delighted to present our turbo molecular pumps and dry vacuum pumps which get plenty of achievements among semiconductor industries.


Please feel free to drop in at our virtual booth for more details or for consultation on creating a vacuum environment, selecting vacuum products and equipment, etc.


We are looking forward to seeing you at SEMICON Japan virtual 2020.





Product Descriptions:

  • Magnetically Levitated Turbo Molecular Pumps with Integrated Control Unit: TGkine®-B series
  • Magnetically Levitated Turbo Molecular Pumps: TGkine®-R series [NEW]
  • Energy Efficient Heated type Magnetically Levitated Turbo Molecular Pumps: TGkine®-MI series
  • Ultra-Low Vibration type Magnetically Levitated Turbo Molecular Pumps: TG-ML series
  • Dry Vacuum Pumps: DSP series / ER series / FR series

And so on…


Exhibit Date:

  • Date: December 14th – 17th, 2020
    * Free registration
    ** The show will be available on demand from December 11th till next year January 15, and be able to contact us through the virtual booth only from December 14th till 17th.