What is an Ejectors?

Ejector An ejector is a vacuum pump that does not have any mechanical drive parts. Instead, it is driven by injected steam or similar mediums.
It has a simple construction for virtually trouble-free operation. And it is easy to be manufactured for large volume rate. Ejectors are used in a variety of applications including degassing equipment for molten steel.
Standalone ejectors can compress up to atmospheric pressure, and can be used in series to attain even higher vacuum pressure. They can be used with other vacuum pumps to build a vacuum system.

Osaka Vacuum's Ejectors lineup

Osaka Vacuum can manufacture systems using various drive sources to meet a wide variety of applications.
A typical example is the steam ejector using water vapors. Other drive resources that can be used are air, water, and organic steam (such as ethylene glycol). The pumps can be made from various materials, including anti-corrosive materials (such as titanium and carbide).
Osaka Vacuum can provide ejector systems to meet customer needs based on technology and proven results.

Osaka Vacuum ejectors are available in the following types according to drive source and service intake.

Drive source Intake object
Ejectors Gases Gases
Injector Gases*1 Liquid
Multi-jet Condenser
(Water Ejector)
Liquid Gases*2
Eductor Liquid Liquid

*1 : Steam must be from the same liquid as service liquid.
*2 : The multi-jet condenser is for condensable gases, the water ejector is for non-condensable gases.


  • Vacuum degassing equipment
  • Deodorizing equipment
  • Distillation equipment
  • Synthetic fiber polymerization equipment
  • Dryer
  • Vacuum evaporation cooler