ST-Compact Series

  • ST-Compact Series
  • ST-Compact Series

● More compact ST series has come out!
● Mounted with high compression turbo molecular pump TG70F!
● One of two kinds of backing pump (diaphragm pump) can be selected to match for exhausting chamber!
● Space saving design of A4 laptop size!
● Most suitable for use as easy operating and portable pumping units for R&D!


Model STC70FR005 STC70FR013
Inlet flange ISO-R63
Outlet flange G1/8※1
Turbo Molecular Pump TG70FRAB TG70FRNB
Backing pump Diaphragm pump
4.2 L/min 13 L/min
Volume flow rate (N2; L/s) 70
Base pressure < 1x10-5 Pa / < 7.5x10-8 Torr
Weight (kg) 14 19
Power supply AC100-120V AC100V
Input power 200VA 210VA
Accessories -Input cable (5m): 1
-Manual: 1 copy

*1 : The muffler is installed in the outlet of diaphragm pump.

Drawing of outside dimensions

Drawing of outside dimensions

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