ST Series (TG-F series + DSP250)

  • ST Series (TG-F series + DSP250)

■High vacuum exhaust unit.

■Exhaust up to high vacuum with a simple operation.

■Easy to control with touch panel.

■Since it has casters, it can be easily moved to the desired place for use.

■Mounted with a turbo molecular pump from the TG-F series which is resistant to disturbance!
 This unit is portable while it is operating.

■Optional devices and apparatuses are available to match your needs.


Model ST220F*D ST350F*D ST450F*D
Turbo Molecular
TG220F TG350F TG450F
Volume flow rate
(N2; L/s)
220(210) ※1 350(330) ※1 450(430) ※1
 (Pa)  <1×10-6
 (Torr)  <7.5×10-9
Inlet flange VG100/CF100/ISO-R100 VG150/CF160/
Backing pump Dry vacuum pump; DSP250
230 (200) L/min ※2
Cooling system Air cooling
Power supply Single phase, AC100V/AC200V
  • TMP
  • TMP Controller
  • ST Controller
  • Dry vacuum pump
  • Automatic slow leak valve
  • Vacuum valve
  • Oil mist trap
  • Aluminum trestle

※1 ( ) : With protective screen
※2 ( ) : Gas ballast opened

Drawing of outside dimensions

Drawing of outside dimensions

Model A B
ST220FVD VG100 680
ST220FRD ISO-R100 680
ST220FCD CF100 700
ST350FVD VG100 710
ST350FRD ISO-R100 694
ST350FCD CF100 710
ST450FVD VG150 670
ST450FBD ISO-B160 670
ST450FCD CF160 670
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