• TG70F

■Any orientation

■Compact size


■Quick start up

■Quick shut down with gas vent

■Durable structure for air inrush

■High compression ratio

■Built-in controller type

■Certificated safety standard NRTL/SEMI-S2/CE ( for TG70F-20)


■ Semiconductor production

■ Electronics gun exhaust, ionization source exhaust

■ FPD manufacturing

■ Surface treatment, surface modification

■ Manufacture of various electronic components

■ Analysis, testing equipment

■ Lamp production, optical components production

■ Accelerating device, radiation facility, nuclear fusion research

■ Heat treatment

■ Research and development

*If exhausting corrosive gases, choose from our chemical-use TG-M or TG Series.


Inlet flange ISO-R63/CF63
Volume flow rate N2 (L/s) 70/75
N2 (with protective screen) (L/s) 65/70
H2 (L/s) 40/45
Max. compression ratio N2 1×108
H2 1×105
Base pressure ISO-R(Pa/Torr) <5×10-7/<3.8×10-9
CF (Pa/Torr) <1×10-7/<7.5×10-10
Max. throughput※1 Air-cooling N2 (sccm) 10
Force Air-cooling N2 (sccm) 20
Startup time (min)  2-2.5
Max. backing pressure (Pa/Torr) 1200/9
Recommended backing
vacuum pump
(L/min) ≧25
Position Any orientation
Weight ISO-R/CF(kg)  3/5
Controller TC75 (on-board)※2
Input Voltage DC24V
Max. Input Power 120W

*1 : Allowable maximum flow rate at an auxiliary pump capacity of 25 L/min.
*2 : Optional separate type also available.
       (For details, notify our sales representative)

[Corresponding gases]
    Some service gases can deteriorate the lubrication grease and internal parts.
    Contact Osaka Vacuum for a list of applicable gas types.

Drawing of outside dimensions

Drawing of outside dimensions

CF63 φ114 18 170 76 141
ISO-R63 φ95 12 144.5 50.5 115.5
  • Bolt holes for the flange on the intake are arranged symmetrically around the centerline.
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Performance curve

Performance curve
Performance curve
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Controller model TC76
Input Voltage (ACV) 100-230 (±10%)
Input Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Input Phases Single
Input Power (VA) 160
Rated Output Frequency (Hz) 1500
Weight (kg) 2.4
Standard accessories -Input connector: 1
-Remote connector: 1
-Manual(Instruction): 1 copy
TMP TG70F-20