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News ReleaseOsaka Vacuum launches New Maglev Turbo Molecular Pump of TGkine-R Series

Osaka Vacuum introduces new high-performance vacuum pump: Maglev Turbo Molecular Pump of TGkine-R Series. TGkine-R series offers the same user benefits as our TGkine-B series (on-board type) with unparalleled performance for a wide pressure range application. Besides, TGkine-R series is equipped with a memory function in the pump body to store operation data, touchdown count of the safety bearings, and so on. All the data can be transferred even if the controller is replaced during an overhaul. And the cable between the pump body and controller can be selected from 3m to 20m in length. Therefore, it provides the more flexible solution for your system at the same time.



※Osaka Vacuum will launch New Maglev Turbo Molecular Pump "TGkine-R Series" at "VACUUM 2019" from Sep. 4th~6th at PACIFICO Yokohama, Japan.


1. New Product

Maglev Turbo Molecular Pump TGkine-R Series.

Model: TGkine2200M-R (2200L/s: N2), TGkine3300M-R, TGkine3400M-R (3300L/s: N2), 

TGkine3800M-R (3600L/s: N2), TGkine4200M-R (4200L/s: N2)


Applicable controller: TC030M series

Model: TC0321M (TGkine2200M-R), TC0331M (TGkine3300M-R, TGkine3400M-R), 

TC0341M (TGkine3800M-R, TGkine4200M-R)


2. Features

1) Small footprint and less power consumption

2) Various communication types(EtherCAT compatible)

3) CE, NRTL, SEMI certified


3. Release date

August 1st, 2019


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