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News ReleaseOsaka Vacuum launches New Air Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump "DSP NEW SERIES"


Osaka Vacuum is delighted to introduce "DSP NEW SERIES" dry vacuum pump range.


"DSPNEW SERIES" builds on the success of the high popular "DSP series" to deliver a pump with
significantly improved in reliability by optimizing its internal structure, while maintaining the same high level of performance. It provides a small footprint with quite operation but a lightweight and compact vacuum pump. "DSP NEW SERIES" achieves a clean vacuum environment and reduction of vacuum pump maintenance frequency which satisfies the requirement in R&D field and analysis, medical, coating industries.

※Osaka Vacuum will launch New Air Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump "DSP NEW SERIES" at "VACUUM 2019" from Sep. 4th~6th at PACIFICO Yokohama, Japan.


1. New Product

Air-Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump "DSP NEW SERIES"

Model: DSP251, DSP501


2. Features

1) Energy efficient by 2-stage design

2) Clean vacuum with no oil back-streaming

3) Maintenance free

4) Large pumping speed at close to atmospheric pressure range by the bypass line

5) Air cooled, no utility required other than the electricity

6) CE, NRTL, SEMI certified


3. Release date

August 1st, 2019


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would have any questions or concerns. We sincerely look forward to hearing you. Thank you for your continuous support for us.


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