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News ReleaseNew Product Release Announcement (TG397M/427M)

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- New Product Release Announcement -

Maglev Turbo Molecular Pump: TG397M / TG427M


     Osaka Vacuum launches a new maglev turbo molecular pump “TG-M series”. We have developed new two model “TG397M” and “TG427M”.

     These new models enable to maintain setting parameters and operating data into the pump body. We have also developed the new controller “TC030M” to adapt the latest safety standard UL/IEC61010-1 3rd edition.

     We will expand the new product lineup sequentially. We will inform you at another occasion.


    1.New Product

         Maglev Turbo Molecular Pumps: TG397M, TG427M

         Applicable controller model: TC030M


    2.New Features

   Ⅰ.Enable to maintain setting parameters and operating data

   Ⅱ.Energy saving (New models: 0.4kVA, Current models: 0.7kVA)

   Ⅲ.Less controller weight

   Ⅳ.Four serial communication types, RS232C, RS485, Profibus, and DeviceNet, are selectable

   Ⅴ.Connectors and output cable are changed


* Available to submit the document which is compared against TG390M/TG420M with TC011M.


      3.Application of the release

   TG397M, TG427M, and TC030M: Orders received from June 1st, 2018


     Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would have any questions or concerns. We sincerely look forward to hearing your response. Thank you for your continuous support for us.



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