Case Study

Vacuum pumps & vacuum systems for medical accelerators

- Vacuum systems with highly reliable turbo molecular pump “TG-F series” -

In recent medical industry, radiation therapy has been remarked as an advanced cancer treatment method. Particle beam therapy, using proton or carbon beam etc., has especially been recognized as less damage treatment with focused-radical rays on the diseased parts.


Model of particle beam accelerator *1


Our great achievements and experiences of vacuum equipment for over 65 years have been admired and lead to new business fields. Our vacuum equipment and exhaust systems are installed in the systems for the accelerator using for particle beam therapy. Accelerator for therapies require high radiation-resistance and reliability. Under such harsh conditions, Osaka Vacuum takes important functions to design and manufacture not only turbo molecular pumps, but also whole of the vacuum systems, control board and sequential control. Moreover, it is required for manufactures to provide quick and appropriate after-service in medical sites. Osaka vacuum provides quick response to our customers inside and outside of Japan from the beginning of our history. This is one of the main reasons to be selected by the customers as a partner in medical industry.

Standard exhaust unit and ‘ST series’ are also highly evaluated in medical sites. Those units have similar designs with the vacuum unit for medical accelerators. In case of large accelerators, exhaust units should be able to move easily and quickly. Our exhaust units are consisted of ‘TG-F series’ turbo molecular pump and the back pump which are strong against disturbance on the aluminum frame and wheels.

‘TG-F series’ has been highly evaluated the reliability in advanced medical sites for the small size, lightweight and durable grease lubrication bearing.


*1: Sited from Homepage of “Association For Nuclear Technology In Medicine”