Ejectors are designed to meet specifications to handle utilities efficiently such as drive steam and cooling water. Specify the conditions listed below when inquiring.

  •   -Operating inlet pressure and type of suction gas (specify molecular mass and characteristics if possible) and volume.
  •   -Inlet gas temperature and type of drive source, pressure and cooling water temperature.
  •   -Preferred condenser model, initial exhaust time for the target exhaust capacity.


Used with Liquid-ring Vacuum Pumps

Pattern diagrams1

This is an environmentally friendly vacuum system that combines ejectors which are suitable for heavy exhaust volumes and a liquid-ring vacuum pump which adopts a closed-cycle system. Various conditions can be met by changing the number of ejectors, and by adding or removing a roots pump.


Used with Dry Vacuum Pumps

Pattern diagrams2

This is an oil-free environmentally friendly vacuum system that uses an ejector suitable for heavy volume exhaust, and a dry vacuum pump.


4-stage Ejector Based on a 2-stage Booster

Pattern diagrams3

It is ideal for heavy exhaust applications such as for degassing, with the ability to change the number of stages according to the inlet pressure. Application-specific designs are also possible by selecting from various anti-corrosive materials.