Features of the TG series

  • Chemical-use:

    All classes have a lineup of chemical models ideal for exhausting corrosive gases.
  • Dust resistant construction:

    Fewer problems caused by dust contamination in the pump internals.
  • Structurally resistant to air inrushes:

    Durable structure against air inrushes


  • Semiconductor production
  • Electronics gun exhaust, ionization source exhaust
  • FPD manufacturing
  • Surface treatment, surface modification
  • Manufacture of various electronic components
  • Lamp production, optical components production
  • Accelerating device, radiation facility, nuclear fusion research
  • Heat treatment
  • Research and development

*TG-F Series is available for clean processes.


TG203 TG553
TG1003 TG1303
TG1810⁄1813 TG2813
TG3213 TG3413
TG5000⁄5003 TG5500⁄5503