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1950 Osaka Vacuum, Ltd. is established in Osaka.
Started manufacturing Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps.
1959 Started manufacturing Roots Vacuum Pumps.
1962 Opened Sakai Factory.
1971 Launched Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP) "T650A" as the First TMP designed/produced in Japan.
<1st Vacuum Technology Award(1976)>
1972 Opened Hachioji Factory.
1980 Manufactured the largest steam Ejector for degassing (I.D. 2 m) in Japan.
1981 Manufactured the Large Scale Cryo Panel for the "Heriotron E" plasma experimental equipment in Kyoto University.
1982 Manufactured a Vacuum System for the Experimental Nuclear Fusion Reactor, JT60, for the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute.
1983 Launched Compound Molecular Pump (CMP) "TG550" and the series.
<10th Vacuum Technology Award(1985), JSME Medal for New Technology(1986)>
1985 Launched Magnetically Suspended CMP "TG600M" and the series.
1988 Opened Nabari Factory.
1991 Established California Office in San Jose, CA, USA.
1993 Developed MS CMP for XHV and manufactured Magnetically Suspended CMP "TG1121M" reaching 10-10Pa(10-12 torr).
<20th Vacuum Technology Award (1995)>
1996 Formed an alliance with Cutes Corporation (Taiwan) for sales & repair/service support of TMP.
Opened Seoul Office in Seoul, Korea.
1997 Nabari Factory received ISO9002 certification. (Updated to ISO9001)
1998 Formed an alliance with Shin Won Precision Co. (Shin Won Tech. Co, Ltd. Korea at present) for repair/service support of TMP.
Developed Dry Vacuum Pump "DSP80".
Hachioji Factory received ISO9001 certification.
1999 Formed an alliance with Sterling SIHI GmbH (Germany) for Dry Pump sales.
Launched "TG-F" series TMP mountable in any orientation.
2000 The 50th anniversary of the establishment.
2001 Established Shanghai Osaka Vacuum in Shanghai, China.
Launched heated type MS CMP "TG-MI" series.
2002 Opened the Shanghai Office.
Manufactured the Full-digital type MS CMP.
2003 Sakai Factory received ISO9001 certification.
2004 Launched Ultra-Low Vibration MS CMP "TG-ML" series.
2005 Established Osaka Vacuum U.S.A., Inc. (California, USA)
Shanghai Osaka Vacuum received ISO9001 certification (0105Q14285R0S/3100)
2006 Received ISO14001 certification (JQA:EM5143).
Launched Ultra-high Vacuum MS CMP "TG-MU" series.
Launched Radiation resistant type MS CMP "TG-MR" series.
2007 Formed an alliance with Shikoku Taiyo Nippon Sanso., Ltd. for sales and consignment operation.
Launched CMP "TG70F" for analytical and measurement systems.
2008 Launched CMP "TG240F" for analytical and measurement systems.
2009 Launched Compact Dry Vacuum Pump "DSP" series.
2010 Formed an alliance with three companies (Azuma Technos Co., Ltd., Kyusyu Keisokki CO., Ltd. and Todoroki Sangyo Co., Ltd.) for sales.
2011 Launched Magnetically Suspended Compound Molecular Pump with Integrated Control Unit "TGkine2200M".
Launched Energy Saving Dry Vacuum Pumps "ER100D/100DC".
Formed an alliance with HI-TECH VACUUM SERVICES (M) SDN.BHD. for repair and maintenance.
2012 Launched Magnetically Suspended Compound Molecular Pump with Integrated Control Unit "TGkine3300M".
2013 Launched Air Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump "FR060D".
2014 Formed an alliance with FMG Enterprises, Inc. (California, USA) for repair and maintenance.
2015 Relocated Hachioji office to Nabari factory and unified Repair and Maintenance Service Sections.
Formed an alliance with HI-TECH VACUUM SERVICES (THAILAND) CO., LTD. for repair and maintenance.
OSAKA VACUUM got a gold prize as one of the best companies for 13th International Vacuum Exhibition in Beijing.
2016 Formed an alliance with PT. Dah Young Tech Trading Indonesia for repair and maintenance.
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